Queen Xeretrixx - some bug ?


    Hello @Prometheus, We have killed 3 time in a row Queen Xeretrixx and we confirmed something bugged with her.

    1. when you have dot on your character and you are down, you can't revive. The counter is blocked on 1s and you need to logout/login to be able to take action.

    2. 2 Melee player in the group one on cleric armor, other one in T1 heavy classic couldn't launch there skill & capacities (like they was blocked) and the dot's boss counter was blocked at 0.
      The "cure poison" spell wasn't be able to cure the poison on them.
      Only possibility to remove this status was to logout/login.

    3. the heavy warrior was also put under "encumbrance" but with 72% of encumbrance. Only possibility to remove this status was to logout/login.

    We think we have probably here some problem :

    • on the timing of the queen's dots,
    • on the ability to dispel/cure the queen dots
    • on the queen's skill like some not showing the right effect (or the icon ?).

    Thanks to this epic moment when 20-30 spiders pop and repop at the third invocation on us... it was an hell to heal and to kill but we survived


    Note that the cure poison spell only is gauranteed up to rank 3 poison -if you have that much int- and otherwise is just a chance. Even wolf spiders use higher than rank 3 poisons.
    We do know that poison is getting a re-work, so hopefully that helps this problem.


    @OlivePit I have a decent int (full branch+full stat+T2) I know for the cure limitation, but here the poison dot didn't even disappear after the countdown go to 0s. And the other boss's dot are the same.
    More than that, I could spam the cure and at this point you could think a x% luck to clean but nothing happen, so to me there some bug hidden here. Have you fight her ?

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