Is anyone else having trouble logging in to Myr?

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    Okay, so here's the situation as completely as I can relate it:

    When I open the client and click on any of the 3 characters I have that are located in Myr, it goes to the Connecting to Server screen, then after a moment, returns to the character select screen.

    When I try to log in with the only character I have on Aehren, after a moment, it goes to loading world, and I arrive in Zenith with my character intact.

    I have checked with at least one other, my sister Stormbug, and she says that the same thing is going on with a lot of people. Nobody seems to be able to access Myr. I assume your probably updating Myr or something, but thought I would report this, as I didn't see a report previously.

    @LordSkykal @Arcahem

  • @GamerSeuss It should be already resolved.

  • And now I have this problem.
    Aaand there is something really strange: While trying to get a connection to Myr, it's always the same behaviour. "Connecting" - and after a few second I'm back at the char-selection screen.

    BUT clicking on a char on Aerhen results in a message: "Request failed - Logins are suspended while we investigate an issue with the continent Myr."

    This message should come on the other char at Myr too... 😉

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