Crafting fee presen even if set to "None"

  • I tested the following in Zenith:

    1. Put crafting fees for citizen to "None"
    2. "basic crafting fee" of 400 gold was in place in the forge
    3. Put crafting fees for resident to "None"
    4. "basic crafting fee" of 400 gold was in place in the forge

    The account used is Vice-Govenor of the town and owns a plot within the city.
    So either the "citizen" and "resident" roles do not apply to "Vice-Govenors", that's bad.
    Or the fees are broken on another level.

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    No matter what you set the Tax to, you still pay the 'Base Fee'

    so, if you have tax set to 0, your base fee you pay is 400 for that item, then it cost 400 total.

    However, if your tax is set to the lowest non-zero setting, that equates to 25%, so if base is 400, you pay 500

    You only pay 0 crafting when you make it from inventory (primitive items only, like rope, bandages, primitive weapons, remedies, etc...)

  • I actually dislike this, but this is another post then.
    But technically there is still a bug then. Low and None result in the same cost being at least displayed.

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    unless mayhaps, Vice-Governors/Govs don't have to pay additional taxes...if you can set the tax rate, you may be exempt
    Everyone, on the other hand, pays the base fee, base fee goes to the game, not the town.

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    @TheBodo The base fee represents things like upkeep on the crafting station, individualized supplies that the game hasn't bothered to detail, like resins, dyes, high and low grit sandpaper, oil/grease, dusting, cleanup, etc... All the costs that would be involved with continuous use of a crafting station beyond just building it.

    This is an important Gold Sink for the game, allowing Gold to establish a valuation and not become so overabundant that it has no real meaning. Previously, gold was so undervalued because of its commonality that all prices in the market were way inflated, and only going up, as gold became more and more overstockpiled. Finally, gold is being sinked by more than straight town/house upkeep and harbors, making the amount of gold available overall in world more managable, and the economy of the markets will stabilize because of this, and other steps that will be taken...the balance just has to be found.

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