After 5/12 patch horse not appearing on screen and cant login now.

  • If i hit A to mount the horse i see the bar show up then no horse appears. If i start running it get a message above my head "Can't Cast when mounted", Im still running normal speed but when i hit a different type terrain my speed seems to double as if im riding a horse. I cant attack from this mode without hitting A again which means i have to wait in place for the Bar at the top to finish. I assume it thinks im on a horse but the graphic is not showing.

    On logging out to see if that would fix the issue and when i logged back in and saw connectivity issue above my character and got booted back to the select character menu. Now i cant log in and get: ID6520 is already logged in the world. wait for the character to be removed from the world. I waited 2 hours and it still is showing the message.


    Took them just over 50 hours and multiple and i mean MULTIPLE shout outs in discord, numberous bug reports and ignored DMs before they fixed mine a couple weeks ago. Some had been out for several days.

  • Your case was forwarded Aakacamper.

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