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    Please see in the screenshot the damage of: Main spell for fire mages that are forced to use rubbish scholar armor alongside a bonus for auto attacks for battlemage

    Did you notice something?
    The main damaging spell for fire mages that costs mana, can be blocked, has 5 second CD, only works with light armor and is a skill shot with very small hit box
    has the same damage as just the bonus from battlemage set. Auto attacks with a dagger as we know can be spammed, you'll get hit 10 times in like 2-3 seconds.

    There is many serious balancing issues in the game but I think battlemage + dagger is just silly.
    There is no reason at all to use a e.g rapier - Perhaps worth considering to buff items like that? Very simple buffs, e.g rapier having 50% armor pen instead.

    Also mages are quite silly to play now too, which is really sad. All the spells have 250-350damage at FULL INT, considering that after reductions from armors even medium ones like battlemage, a full combo of 4 spells that will use a lot of your mana will actually hit a battlemage for like 450 damage.

    I think the easiest way to fix the game as it is now is to increase multipliers for INT (e.g int * 22 instead of int *14 )on spells like - firebolt, fireball, blinding venom, acid breath, dragon breath etc etc. as they just don't hit compared to other classes.

    Thank you


    Mages have been sad for quite some time, over a year, since the 'naked mages are op' fiasco. Just looking at the damage multipliers of abilities in the warfare tree and comparing them to the damage multipliers in the mage tree show the stark difference.


    @Contucky very interesting points. I am playing a mage since alpha and, honestly, mages are really the most underpowered class atm, especially in PVP but now also in PVE. It is not "normal" that an unarmed or dagger-armed toon makes 2 times the damages of a mage and takes half damages from enemies.


    @Antoniius said in Balanced battlemage:

    er-armed toon makes 2 times the damages of a mage and takes half da

    Buff bow !

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    I mostly disagree with trying to balance until we have something more complete in our hands, but in the interest of pushing people to try pvp, the most egregious balance issues should be addressed. Just a coarse pass, not a fine one.

    As such, I feel that the current changes are in order:

    • Change slayer bonus set from +50% to +25% per skill used. It currently offers a bonus set which is too strong compared to the other ones.

    • Battlemage stacks decrease by 3 per second instead of losing the buff if you don't cast for 10 seconds. It is currently too easy to keep up the stacks by casting some quick and cheap stuff, allowing battlemages to reach very high stacks too easily.

    • Elusive II talent changed from +10/20/30/40 to +5/10/15/20. It is currently too easy to cap dodge.

    • In addition to its other effects, armor encumbrance reduces evasion by 2* Encumbrance.

    • Change stack decaying from 10 per sec to 5 (or even 4) per sec. Currently all elemental builds are missing a key part of their capabilities.

    • Cleave Armor, Decimate, Eviscerate, Execute and Swipe (i.e. all instant Warfare Skills) should become like Resonating Blow. They should not be calculated based on base damage + extra damage, but should only be based on the STR attribute. Attacks which do not take in consideration the attack speed should not carry the weapon base damage, or you open the door to impossibly strong bursts of damage.

    • Entangling web moved to Memory cost 2.

    • I will not touch poison and bleeding because the devs said that they are being redesigned, but those are obviously another big issue currently.


    The biggest disadvantage that mages have is due to their long casting time/animations and the small field of view.
    In the time between starting to cast an ability to finishing that melee who was at the edge of your screen has already gotten into your face and hit you.
    When compared to the instant abilities afforded all the other classes these two factors are hugely damaging to the playability of mages.

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