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    @dracokalen Actually, even just cosmetically, weather adds a richness to the gaming experience. When you add in actual affects for the weather, you make the game itself 1000x more dynamic and enriching an experience, they just have to get the balance worked out right.

    Just chuckling. It's raining but crops still need to be watered. Rains a lot, really pointless....richness....LOL

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    @dracokalen Just seeing it rain when I log in lifts my spirits, and my sister is in Drought-ridden California, so she is over the moon seeing rain, and can't wait to see a blizzard in-game.

    The crops thing is just implementation, and will come soon enough.

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    Upon further experience with the weather system and its effects, I would like to propose an immunity to it for players under the young player status. Fractured has truly an astonishing amount of mechanics to learn for a new player, and getting chain frozen by a winter wolf because you didn't notice that temperature was a thing, could a bit too much initially. Also, new players have very few tools to combat the effects of weather.

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