"Cosmetic" Customization & Show-Off

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    I strongly request features that allow a) to customize a toons appearence and b) to allow others to see what your toon sports (very important also in PVP - I want to know what my opponent is up to)!

    Solutions for a)

    1. Change item color according to materials used - thats really a no brainer; why should a blood iron plate have the same color as a silver one? For example..
    2. Give crafters/players the means to dye their stuff
    3. Introduce cosmetic wearables like hats, robes, and so on
    4. Cosmetics in general - and not only such you have to pay real cash for

    Solutions for b)

    1. See a)1)
    2. Let players doubleklick other toons to see a ragdoll version of them and what they are wearing! Also important for showing off... 🙂


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    @THH said in "Cosmetic" Customization & Show-Off:

    Cosmetics in general - and not only such you have to pay real cash for

    As this is the ONLY thing that the Devs intend to be in the Cash Shop other than Founder's packs, I seriously doubt your going to get them to add too many free cosmetics in the game. You want to decorate your character, you pay for the privilege.

    As regards different looks for different equipment in general, this is most likely something we'll see after game release, but hardly carries the weight that it needs to be in the Beta phase of the game.

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