About that AMA on 30.04...

  • Hello,

    Sorry for starting so extremely negative, but this was like the worst AMA I have ever experienced and I am both disappointed and offended by it. I don't know if gamigo is censoring questions, or the devs had no interest in it, or had no time to prepare, or whatever, but I as a player who is really involved in the game and wants it to be successful (which I guess I have proven quite some times) am sad about how little love was put into it and how important questions where omitted, how political many questions where answered and how unprepared the whole team seemed.

    Some key things that offended me the most:

    • Skipping a lot of good questions while answering stuff like wHeRe CaN i PlAcE mY pAlAcE, cAn I rOtAtE tHe CaMeRa In An IsO gAmE, cAn I pLaY oN mY kIdDo GaMePaD...

    • Skipping all controversial and interesting topics like Raids, PVP/Alignment, Player loot, etc.. everything that seemed even a little controversial or more fundamental was omitted... This is so shady and political, I can barely express my disappointment

    • There were really like next to no answers on how current game (mechanics etc) is planned to be improved, only on upcoming features with a strong focus on PvE

    • It is NOT hard to change the colour of items according to the material it is made off. And just saying: We can't and won't do that is ridiculous.

    • There was not a single word about how to improve beta population or popularity; neither regarding the questions of other players no regarding my question about closed beta carry over which was completely ignored which I find extremely offensive..

    Some other questions that the ama raised in me:

    • Why weren't questions clustered?
    • Why did the Dev team seam completely unprepared?
    • Why did the gamigo girl read questions twice? Did she not listen?
    • Why where the questions chosen as they were?
    • Why was there no agenda on what will be answered? (Would have saved me more then 1 hour of my lifetime)

    Also, hearing that "a release in 2023 is very very likely" and "we are a bit behind" together with NOT A SINGLE WORD about how to make an FULL WIPE BETA engaging for like what it seems now I guess AT LEAST 10 MORE MONTH is unbelievable amateurish, disengaging and offensive to every dedicated player that spends more then a few hours a month in this game...

    I was really looking forward to this ama, blocked it in my outlook and took 1h away from my wife on Friday evening just so I could be live, because I really was looking forward to some big boom given the massive load of player feedback and improvement this beta needs.. but, oh boy, was I wrong.

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    @THH was it a disappointing AMA or overinflated expectations?

    Personally, they answering the longest running questions, which makes sense. They avoided questions they may not have answers for, and they disregarded elements that maybe aren't high priority at all.

    Just a for instance, many people think just being able to beta test is reward enough, and as new content gets added, beta testers will return to test. From the very beginning, we who signed up for thisAlpha and Beta knew the only reward we'd be getting for testing was the ability to test, and to have an affect on the eventual game itself. To many, that is more than enough.

    Also, always expect politics in public address from a company standpoint. Not because of any shady business, but because a company can be bound by what they say, so they have to be careful what that is.


    I've got to be honest, I was pretty disappointed with the AMA as well.

    Disregarding the rather lack of professionalism from some of the CMs, it felt a little tone deaf considering that the hotly debated topic on discord and forum for weeks now have been about pvp and alignment in Syndesia. For some reason, there was completely no questions asked about this topic, but a meme-question about blue's one shotting reds was asked instead.

    Honestly, I am still in a bit of shock that CM's would choose to ask that question instead of the multitude of other serious questions about pvp and alignment.

  • I think the issue was expectations because everyone else I've spoken to loved the AMA.

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    @Ablabla I agree

    Also, people need to realize that just because a gaming company is having an AMA doesn't mean they are obligated to answer the questions that player/backer thinks are most important. Generally speaking, a company uses an AMA to answer the questions they are ready to give answers to, and to possibly field other questions they hadn't thought of on the fly...with the freedom to ignore said questions if they don't fit what that company is prepared to talk about at present.

    Why was PvP not addressed at all, probably because as the Devs have said in numerous other places, getting Alignment right on Syndesia is an ongoing process. They have indicated that they are mostly happy with what they've got now, but have admitted there is room for change and some balancing is still coming, and as far as they are concerned, that is probably it for OUR reveal on that subject for now. Thus, it wasn't addressed in the AMA.

    The Devs are a great group of people, and they have been fairly involved as compared to some companies in these matters, but remember, ultimately, an AMA is a Political/Publicity/Marketing Q&A used to address things they feel need to be/they are open to...addressing. It is not a free for all open season ASK all, even if they give the image that it is.

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