Dexxers suck and are not viable right now.

  • Hello,

    right now there is no reason to play a dexxer character in FO at all, at least when not doing the pvp poison dagger build.

    a) the damage output is really low, even with 20+ dex and 20+ per and the dex/per based skills are underwhelming - str based toon easily outdamage me.

    b) the defense / ability to take blows is laughable low, even if having 1000 evasion, 30%+ block chance (one handed focus) and 3500 hp anything seems to still have 50%+ (many mobs more like 90%+) chance to just completely ignore my defensive mechanics, while armor always having 100% chance to "do its job".

    So, summarized, I would be better off in any way playing a str based toon with heavy armour and 2h sword... just, I dont want to, because I play dexxer ever since they became viable in UO and FO is not gonna break me in this regard..

    So please review the viability of dexxer builds and make them viable compared to str based builds by either greatly increase their dps or their survivability.. or both.. at the moment both seems to need a lot of love.

  • One of the big problems at the moment is that poison is still awaiting a rework (confirmed).

    Poison seems to be a big chunk of dexterity build's damage. That is fine, however the current mechanic means the faster you attack, the faster you run out of poison, so your kind of punished for building dex.

    I think once they fix the poison mechanic, that will significantly help builds such as this.


    try bare hands talent (use dex instead of str for punching damage) + elemental damage hand ability + shield. lots of dodge, block, and modest damage.

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    It works, but the mana consumption is impossibly high.

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