There seems to be all this lore stuff about settlers arriving on Myr? I like the idea, and of course it makes sense with all the 'ancient ruins' and stuff, I'm just a little curious; where are they coming from? Did I miss something in the lore releases?

  • @Mirgannel12 You can read parts of the lore in the fractured wiki.


    @LordSkykal Spoletta's entry in the 'lost tales' competition mentioned 'settlers' and there have been other places where it has been mentioned. I thought it was odd that the human world was seemingly filled with these human settlers, which presumably came from somewhere else to settle the wild places. Given that Syndesia is the home world of humans, I wondered where they could be coming from to settle in it. I now realise that they were probably referring to people leaving already settled areas of Syndesia to settle in the yet wild places.


    Another, slightly related question; what is this 'corruption' mentioned in the audiobook releases?

  • @Mirgannel12 The lost tales competition is fanmade.
    But the ruins could based on the old event of fracture, the day where the gods decided to split the world in three owns.


    @LordSkykal I did not know that, I thought it was an official publicity stunt
    It seems to be a widely agreed on thing, that Syndesia is full of settlers, and i read 'settlers' as people coming from other places, like settling America or Australia, but really, that's exactly what happens in game, people go out from the starting towns and settle places that haven't been settled yet or have fallen back into ruin.
    There does remain the question of how people get to the starting towns...

    P.S. also the class descriptions, I forgot about those. It sort of gives this whole feel like there is a fully civilised continent somewhere on syndesia that everyone if coming to Myr and Aerin from, like the british spreading out into the wider world 😛

  • @Mirgannel12 I have to dig deeper because I might have made a mistake.
    By lost tales do you mean the audio books or the in-game items from legends?
    These are official.
    We recently had an event running "Tales of Elysium" which was fanmade.

    As already mentioned, the settlers may have come from other continents or the ruins are demon, wildfolk or human constructions before the Fracture where there appear to have been major civilizations that were wiped out by the gods during the cataclysm.


    @LordSkykal sorry, I meant 'tales of Elysium' not 'lost tales' my bad

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