Bugs SVPPB - Update 22.04.22

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    • Some mobs move through walls, city walls, etc, or up on some "mountain"
    • Some mobs dont react when attacked, especially the animal mobs like deers and so on, but others also
    • Even as I am no citizen of any city, I cant neither cancle a city application nor start a new one, button simply does not work
    • If a sell order fails, the items dissapear and are not in the storage section of the market
    • The location of the players dead body (if you chose to like respawn in the city) does not appear in any map
    • Sometimes you just randomly cant pass streets or other parts of the map
    • Some ressources dont dissapear when harvested or are harvested, but dont appear in the inventory
    • Some mobs chase you, move back to their place, and stay there still while being killed
    • Some mobs produce "you have no right to loot this corpse" even when you killed them and no other player is near
    • Discovered hotspots are shown as undiscovered on the world map
    • Applying poison to a lot of weapons does not work (like bow, but i also remeber other weapons that say poisonable not working)
    • Dont know if a bug, but the Market price calculation still shows TBA, although mathematically it would already be total possible to evaluate mean and median of prices right now
    • Some animations on the horse are bugged, dont know exactly what i did but after that my character looked like grinding the horse for some time (hopping up and down while standing)
    • Mobs still attack and kill you on your own claim
    • Some skills just wont work when used, like Second Wind not working everytime, even when no debuffs or anything
    • Increased DPS by talents (like one handed mastery) is not shown when weapons are equipped, while DPS increase due to stats is shown correctly
    • Dire Wolf Pelt is bugged (I guess everyone knows)
    • Gold in the global gold wallet is not used for market purchases or harbours, which i dont know if is is a bug, but is annoying af
    • You can kill mobs through doors while they dont attack you
    • Your own player house is no longer shown on the world map
    • Travelling by ship makes the game crash

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    @THH said in Bugs SVPPB - Update 22.04.22:

    Gold in the global gold wallet is not used for market purchases or harbours, which i dont know if is is a bug, but is annoying af

    I know this one is by design and not a bug. Originally, they weren't even going to have a Gold Wallet, and Gold would be separately deposited in each bank just like equipment, but they changed things. Now you can access your Gold Wallet, but only when you are at a bank. The market, when they sell something for you, will deposit into your bank for you, but you have to have cash on hand to make a purchase. Again, all of this is by Dev's design. The idea of the Player-Driven Economy system they wish to engender includes having to carry gold with you when you might need it in the wilds (including harbors, and merchants) thus risking said gold loss to either PvPers, or Mobs that overcome you.

  • What a great list - and I can confirm each one of your topics. I hope the Devs really read this!

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