The absolute ridiculousness of mage gear

  • This needs to be addressed - It’s absurd that I can easily craft better leather gear, metal (chain/plate) without any recipes and even things like the short sword. But the moment I want a better staff or mage gear - I have to cross my finger as I wear my lucky underwear with a horseshoe around my neck and a leprechaun stuck to my boot praying I get a recipe in order to get a MINUT amount of damage bonus.

    Mages are being punished for playing their class and it’s stupid. There should be a tier 1.5 or something between primitive gear and recipe gear for all armor types and weapon types as well.

    Please highly consider this abhorrent design it currently is in. The game is too good to neglect mages

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    I typically play mages, but I have to disagree.

    Yes, I want more gear for everyone, and expect when the game launches, there will be lots of choices, but as to mage gear without recipes...

    Although I hate the recipe system, I can easily see why there isn't as many mage gear options on the game. Mages don't need as much gear.

    1. Mages currently have armor that almost never loses any durability
    2. Mages typically attack using skills that don't even really require a weapon at all.
    3. Primative Mage Staves give basically an unlimited non-mana magic ranged attack, already. Yes, improved staves would give a bigger damage hit and also typed damage other than 'magic' but I would still call that advanced gear.

    Now look at the other characters:

    Every other character HAS to have a weapon to attack, or get up close to unarm strike, for much higher risk.
    Archers, your other ranged attackers, still must have a bow to use their archery abilities. Fighters have to have melee weapons to use melee abilities, and often these are separated by types, Slash, Bludgeoning, Piercing, etc... so they often need to carry multiple weapons around. They have other armor varieties, but they are right in the thick of it, too, taking damage.

    Shoot, the Mage starts out with Mage Armor, which over-rides the worn armor and protects the mage fairly well for the occasional hit they may sustain.

    I don't like recipes, let's get that straight. I'm not for how they are so far, but I do completely understand why they are treating mages this way in comparison to other classes. The naked mage build is still a thing people are looking at for PvPing, afterall.

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    On the contrary, mages currently have a big advantage.

    They can craft their non primitive gear (the commoner clothes) much much easier than any other archetype. A chainmail is a lot more difficult to craft than the commoner clothes.

  • You're right, it is ridiculous that mages can just use flax to get to 4/4 on commoner clothes yet any other armour type has to actually grind to get to 4/4. I maxed out commoner clothes in a few hours while hide takes a while because you actually have to kill things.

    This post points out something that definitely should be fixed, commoner clothes should require more than just flax.

  • Rubbish.

    We have an advantage and its clear. My tank friend keeps swaping his plates and necklace and I had the same since t2 dropped
    My wand gives me 4% crit chance and thats cool enough

    I recently struck 1700 damage on an player with a spell that has a 3 sec CD. I think mages have it fine now

    We will see further in group fights how much silence and confusion will affect us but thats still to come

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