23 different bugs i found

  • -wild animals gonna get stuck if they try to run away
    -its possible to use "relocate" for teleport up and down cliffs
    -wrong gender in character description
    -stuck enemys at bridges
    -ground cracks at some spots at the map (only graphic bug)
    -empower ability description bug: (int*2) is not 1%
    -crafted hide (and others) are heavier than raw hide (illogical)
    -if i click on any icon in book of knowledge (weapons) all symbol borders gonna change
    -some skillsounds wont disappear at the location they are used on, every use of this skill make it even louder
    -if my totem kills an enemy i will get no KP and cant loot
    -if my crusor is on any item when im pressing escape the tooldip wont disappear and stay in the middle of my ui
    -burning arrows tooltip says: Weapon Spell chanelling allowed, but its not
    -i cant collect from some trees in aerhenm
    -Im gonna get stuck at small hills
    -enemys and even me get stuck in buildings
    -my horse, me and enemys can move without losing speed through water (may not a bug)
    -i cant move behind big buildings because there is no view to click
    -after traveling a long distance the game starts to lag without losing fps and without losing ping
    -Dire Wolf Hide cant be crafted
    -If i try to learn to abilities that i cant learn right now there is no notification, it just dont work.
    -combat hotspots are undiscovered again after next log in
    -i dont see any function of the "combat mode" it dont seems to work
    -wrong location of guild member in guild overview

  • -Vale of shadows invisible enemys
    -invisible bridges at bone pit
    -corrosion skill is endless ! even if die it wont stop to deal damage. It only ends if i respawn in any city


    That last one is reportedly getting fixed with tomorrows update

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