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    Previous tests we had a resident requirement in each city for ranking up, this however has been removed.

    Resident requirement would help greatly for casuals and solo players as it incentivized cities and big guilds to get people to come and live in their cities.

    Will this requirement be back in live version of the game?

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    The previous system had a problem of snowballing.

    More residents meant more techs. With more techs you attracted more residents. It couldn't work.

    I agree though that right now the governors have few incentives to get residents.

  • land plots are practically necessary.

    As a solo player I do not need a guild to be incentivized. I need the housing plot available for me to buy without being attached to that guild, and for that guild to have built a market worthwhile for me to live there.

    Resources, economy, and crafting are going to be the biggest impact on where I live. Can I get property that is close to a market that has a lot of activity? Are they close to a good source of mob farming? Will it be inconvenient for me to get where I need to on a daily basis?

    As a solo player, it's not the guild that matters, it's what I'm doing.

    Residence is no problem; everyone is going to want a house they are extremely valuable. Knowing where housing plots are (they aren't marked on the map, and at least the one you live in should be.), the process for actually claiming it (lots don't realize you just stand in the grey area and the house icon shows at the bottom the UI), or that you need 4k gold in your inventory.

    Citizenship is another thing, however, and guilds don't seem to be eager to let you in when you can easily steal from everyone. Or so I have heard.


    the problem with citizenship is that we literally have no security options right now, we can't set roles or rights to harvest the fields etc, so you don't want any strangers as citizens right now.

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