Toggle on/off for nameplates.

  • Hello guys !

    Just bought fractured and played a couple of hours of beta last night. I am having a blast and am impressed by the familiar and fun gameplay systems I am discovering along the way.

    That being said, one thing that's been bugging me as soon as I launched the game is the inability to turn off nameplates. One of the first thing I do when I start any mmorpg is turning off anything that might be distracting and hindering my sense of immersion. Nameplates is one of those things. It is a shame because the world can be very immersive at times but the bright red and blue nameplates are really taking me out of it.

    Most games have a toggle for UI elements visibility and the option of moving them around to taste. I would strongly suggest adding a similar feature to Fractured. Immersion is one of the core pillars of mmorpgs and this option would go a long way in making the world feel even more so.

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    @Astaldoz Remember, the game is in Beta right now. Things like toggling nameplates is a feature that is generally not added until launch. Nameplates are purposely left on during testing phases because of bugreports that may include screenshots so they can follow up with other accounts in the area.

  • Certainly a feature that would be appreciated later in development.

  • Sounds like a great idea!
    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Yes please! I have as playing last night and thinking the same thing. I typically won't play games where I can't at least hide the giant floating name over my head. For me, it takes away from the character. I know who I am lol

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