Game hung up when leaving tutorial via portal


    So this is my first chance to test the game. I played through the tutorial and when I finished all the quests and then clicked on the portal to go to Myr, I got the black screen with the spinning daggers (?) in the center... and it just hung. I thought it might just be slow to load so I went downstairs, got a cup of coffee, came back about 10 minutes later and the screen was still black with the spinning daggers. So I had to force-quit out of the game.

    I haven't had a chance to get back into the game again, but if I'm still in the tutorial world I'll try again and follow up with another post.


    Alt + F4 and start game again, you will be ported to selected continent.

  • I've encountered the same "problem" like MithrilSoul, but I have some additional info: On the screen with the "arrows", it says "Traveling to Aerhen", instead of "Traveling to Myr". After restarting the game, it ported me to Aerhen. At least the map says that. But it could be, that I missunderstood something while selecting one of the two "continents"... 🙂

  • ok, I created a second character, did the Tutorial completely again and this time I tried to port to Myr - same thing. Game got stuck for about an hour. Needed to restart the game client by using ALT-F4.

    After quiting by using ALT-F4, I was in Myr and everything was fine.

    Please tell me, if you want to do another analysis of this - maybe using WireShark - to see, if this is somehow related to some malformed UDP packets or whatever.

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