Guild ideas


    What do you think a guild needs in fractured online?

    What would make you want to join a guild?


    population enough to build a city
    activity enough to maintain the city
    population enough to defend the city during the Siege window
    organization to make best use of the city


    What exactly will a guild do besides building up and defending the city? Will there be other guild content? (Bosses etc doesnt require you to be in the same guild)


    @Tor IMO there's two major ways to look at guilds: 1, A form of Content; 2, A Community.
    1, Obviously, we're talking raids, dungeons, mass-pvp, whatever. That sort of extra IG content. In my own experience, and opinion, guilds that focus just on this aspect of gaming are doomed to fail.
    2, When you start doing that content, would you rather do it with randos, or friends? Also, what will you do, when you have maxed out gear? Stop playing? What was that playtime for? If you just play and hang with friends, there's any number of content to be had, especially in a Dynamic MMO. You can roleplay, you can create lore, build cities (even past the point of minmaxing), do the same IG content over and over again, as well as make your own content. Create events, for example.

    So, well, what I'm trying to say is, that both ways of playing are cool, 1 is more suited for lone-wolves, with the mindset of clearing the game, while the second is for social players.

    I personally have plans way past the point of 'clearing content' with our guild.

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