Feature Spotlight - Competitive Gameplay

  • Hello adventurers!

    It's time for a new Feature Spotlight!

    It's all about competitive gameplay today and we're going to learn all about alignments and pvp!

    Will you side with good or evil?

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  • Moderator

    Quite a few new info in this one.

    I think this is the first time that we hear about the Nest area in Tartaros.

    Also, the donation system to the shrines seems nice.


    A reference to NPC's being an aspect of the PvE game for evil alignments is interesting: "gain the attention of some not-so-kosher NPCs."
    I am guessing the donation to shrines is an alternative to getting sent to jail... I hope that it is a slow enough accumulation that evil people cant just go and become instantly neutral and thus avoid the justice system... And that the city gets a cut of the money? they have to build the shrine after all ! >.>

    Still a re-hash of old info with a few new bits.

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