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    The four starting classes are meant to give you a quick skill set to allow you to function in the game, all skills can be acquired regardless of the class you pick. So it's suggest to pick a skill set that would fit you during your early game days.
    Stats can also be rerolled, but only once! so I would suggest only picking your stats carefully based on your playstyle.

    if you're new new to the game, I always suggest 14 or 15 int

    please keep in mind the screenshots of skills with purple numbers means my stats are effecting them. I do not have the correct stats to mid/max the skills in the screenshots.

    The starting area
    Once in the starting area, after picking a "class", 3 skills become available around the tutorial town by killing creatures. These should be considered before leaving the town. [Magic Missile] from black spider hatchling, [Swipe] from black bear, and [Bleeding Strike] from young wolf.

    [Execute], [Net Trap], [Lunge], [Second Wind]
    Gladiators skill set is mainly Auto attacking, using lunge to engage and stun, execute for damage. Net trap is good for kiting or running away and lastly second wind is a good heal for warriors with CON.
    Second Wind and Net trap can easily farmed from Goblins in goblin hills, while Execute and lunge can be farmed from bandits. All in all the skills are rather simple to gain from killing bandit camps around the starting area's
    alt text

    [Volley], [Power Shot], [Slow], [Chilling Arrows]
    Bowman class is a very good base class to start with, as 3/4 the skills are in a shadow valley~ the normal "2ed or 3rd" area to farm in for groups. I would suggest picking this set of skills if you plan to have heavy Dex or Perc or plan to fight mobs solo. Kiting with the Slow and Power will allow you to kill most mobs, but the difficulty is having to make tons of arrows. An another suggestion is to become part of a town and build a woodshop to make a short bow.

    [Firebolt], [Fan of Flames], [Relocate], [Minor Healing], [Mage Armor]
    Arcanist is simple, you plan to be a mage? pick this set. But theirs another reason to pick this set over other sets. Mage Armor, Minor Healing and Relocate are extremely great skills to have early game, but only while using [light gear]. with 18 INT you will have 270 armor, much more armor then any light gear can provide and any medium gear (until you have full leather).

    Street Rat
    [Rend Armor], [Lunge], [Strike Wounds], [Assassinate]
    Street Rat, one of my favorite builds the dagger~ this is not that. Street rat is more of a support DPS then a main DPS. It does not have sustain or slows, so you'll be forced to face tank and use lunge as a kiting tool while spamming bandages non-stop. The skills Strike wounds and Assassinate can be found in goblin hills and lunge is not a difficult skill to obtain from around the starting area. The only trouble skill would be Rend Armor what can be gained from a Forest troll. my advise, only play street rat if you plan to play in a group with other melee's from the geeko. Pickup the skills Bleeding strike and magic Missile and use those for some extra kiting dps if solo.
    alt text


    Cool thanks for the information on where to pick these skills up!
    I like the addition of the lunge ability, the battle jump was not fun.

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