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    Hello everyone!

    The newly update Feature Spotlight is now live! ☄

    Today it's all about the vast amount of skills Fractured Online has to offer!

    With 400 different skills, the combinations are limitless and we want to know what combination fits you the most!

    Learn more about the skills of Fractured Online


    So we can use Transmutation and Enchanting skills on crafting and gathering?

    "Moreover, practitioners of alchemy can apply the powers of Alteration to crafting whenever they attempt to generate rare materials and components from common resources."


    "Users of Enchanting can even apply its principles to crafting, creating powerful items able to improve the combat ability of the person holding them, which can be subsequently sold or traded."

    By the way, we will not have alchemy as crafting? Will be just a gathering action?

    We will have talents for crafting?


    Alchemy is currently planned for crafting in the city tech tree if I remember correctly.

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