Will companions be a thing "Summoners/Totally not pokemon trainers and worse?".


    I'm curious if we will be able to make a pet and buff it / if it can support/tank. It'd be funny to have a pokemon esk battle system with randomized stats and such or even if it's just multiple summons/ ranger pets.


    Give me summoner skills from the failed Magic the gathering "MMO.".

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    We don't have a lot of info on taming for now, but the only tamable animals for now (horses) indeed have randomized stats.


    It's definitely going to be interesting to see how they implement this one.

    The way the game engine feels and the isometric angle I feel like it can go one of two ways, one being a real time fighting companion who when dies it requires resurrection to some capacity to bring back.
    The other more likely possibility I can see, is it being borderline cosmetic with minor buffs and perks to the player themselves and not as an interactable companion that fights alongside.

    But there's really no telling at the moment!
    I'm excited to see where they go with it, it's one of the big things that drew me into Fractured from the start.

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