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    I haven't been very active during testing, as I am eagerly waiting for Arboreus to become availalbe.

    With Gamigo as a sugerdaddy it seems the pace of developments will get a really nice boost. With that in mind I have a question regarding the Governor position.

    As I will be able to claim a town at release as a Governor, but I expect not be able to have enough playtime to act as a good shephard to the flock, I am wondering if I will be able to transfer the Town (and Governor position) shortly after release to someone who is better suited for that position ?

    And secondly any guild (Arboreus as a home planet) playing EU CET time is looking for someone able to do the above ?

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    The governor position is transferable. Not sure if it is right now, but on release it will be possible.

    Also, look for the TMDS guild if you want to play on Arboreus. Guild leader Xzait.

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