Message to Dynamight, a concerned citizen.


    So to Dynamight, i appreciate your hard work and dedication guys, and appreciate you for being you.

    But i am concerned about you as a company, as a dedicated lover of this kind of games, i am concerned about the longevity of this game and your company.
    So i would suggest you to implement some kind of a Premium and a Cash shop with skins and whatever as soon as possible.
    And i say it only for the reason of you starting to monetize the game as soon as possible to generate money to develop the game further.
    I believe this should be the biggest priority now, and i will support it 100%.
    You guys getting money is the most important thing, because you getting money will ensure that you are motivate and incentivized to develop the game further, making a better game for everyone.
    Take the example of Albion, Albion wasn't the best game when it came, and it maybe didn't have alot of people at the start, but they did have a good way to monetize the people, and they would always have enough money to put back into further development, and with that snowball effect, as they developed more, more people came, and more money came, and with that more development making a better and better product.

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    The plan as always was set by the Devs to launch with a monetized store for cosmetic assets. As nothing like that would be implemented during testing, it is not currently a priority, and besides, cosmetic skins and such and a monetization store are the easy part of development. They already have the store on the website that lets you buy some decorations with foundation credits, so they've already got the store up and running, just not implemented in game.

    As to premium, that's what VIP access is. They have already sworn that they won't have any Pay-to-win microtransactions, and I for one an happy about that! They have also stated that they are ahead of many of their monetary goals, especially with the new investors, so it isn't a huge concern. Yes, devs always need money, but being ahead, they can focus more on game mechanics over additional cash grabs right now,

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