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    @Prometheus @Specter

    I know that you are aware that this happened earlier today and fixed it but it just drove me out of the game again a few minutes ago. At least this time there wasn't any foul language.

    Someone was using the Prometheus name but without the bright yellowish orange color normaly associated with our resident god. I am not sure if this matters, or if it is him or not, but thought I would include the info just incase.

  • Community Manager

    @StormBug We're aware of it and the chat issues will be hotfixed very soon. As for the name, it's currently possible to use a name that's already taken by someone else. Every character still has a unique ID though so for us admins it matters little. 😉

  • Maybe you could look at one more think. 2 days ago someone was spamming using NIGGER tousend times. When there is so big "traffic" at chat game have huge lags. Mayby setting maximum resources for chat should be made to not lagging game by chat spammers.

  • Moderator

    This was fixed with yesterday's patch. Check the patch notes.

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