Another open beta?


    Will there be another open beta? I was wanting to try some of the PvP before i committed. There are many games coming out.

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    @Kurbbie We're not even in Beta-testing yet. There have been a couple open Alpha weekends/weeks, but chances are, with the shorter testing this time around, I don't see that happening. Stress testing is mostly good now until Alpha is done I would assume, which means that they will probably wait until Beta starts, at least a year from now, before thinking about another open...and as for PvP, as they are still working on Syndesia, and trying to de-emphasize PvP on that planet, I don't see a PvP open event anytime soon.


    @Kurbbie It is possible to win an alpha key by spreading the world about Fractured in soc med & posting in This Thread

    If you have friends who you honestly think would enjoy this game, it's not spamming to let them know, right? It's how I got my key, and I have around 15 recruits.

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