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    Hello guys,

    I am excited to be part of this new test and I will writting all the issues, bugs and feedback about my experience on this new version bellow, in a way to make easier to track everything that I've found so far:


    • Primitive daggers have the same stats as the metal ones: these daggers have the same attack speed, and attack range (min-max), as well as armor penetration and spell channeling effects as their metal counterparts. I think thats a bug, right? I understand that the metal based ones would have additional effects such as resistances, additional stat points, damage increase and so forth as well as having a chance to be crafted in better quality (using the town buffs) but wouldnt make sense that the metal daggers would have at least a bigger min-max damage range considering the amount of effort that's required to actually craft one ?


    • Resistanced are not available anymore: Testing the talent tree for Resilient (Str tree) and Resolute (Int tree) I couldnt find any resistanced that would be possible to build as it was avaiable before on previous versions of the game.

    • Poison from monsters are hitting for 400+ dmg every tick: If you have aggro of a single creature, its fine and bandages and remedy will do the trick and help a lot, although, having multiple monsters aggroed at the same time will most likely lead you to die rather quickly, since removing poison becomes a real problem, having to manage Remedy + Bandages at the same time (spam usage of these 2 items) as well as the time to actually gather or loot remedy is not easy or time effective if we consider the amount of time that you will go through them. And since there are no resistances that you could build up (early game), it makes grinding a lot harder.

    • Corrosive debuff: As it was in previous iterations of the game, the corrosion aplies armor debuff (almost nulifies your armor) and ticks for a poison like damage. On top of that, you will most likely have multiples mobs aggroed on your which will lead to a quick death. And thats only considering the PVE aspect of things. If we consider Poison + Corrosive on PVP, the combination of the 2 are basically a guaranteed kill.

    • Stagger debuff effect: The stagger debuff, which is applied for a big variety of creatures and monsters, will reduce your attack speed to -10%, regardless or your attack speed. I've tested having 56% attack speed and my attack speed still went down to -10%.


    • Magical damage reduction: Having a talent tree dedicated to reduce the physical damage recieved is fine and works, but I dont see any talents that would do the same in order to reduce the magical damage. I only found magical debuff duration reduction, but nothing in regards to reduce the magical damage. On previous versions was possible to build that damage reduction using elemental and poisoin resistances, but on the current version they are no longer available. My suggestion would be adding them back to the game, allowing for more customization, since melee will have a hard time against mages, as it actuall happened on previous iterations of the game before this last release.

    I will update this topic as soon as I get more information and results from testing, as well as more feedback from the community and friends who are also playing the game

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    Re: Primative Dagger is probably meant to be that way. Your first upgrade isn't necessarily going to increase Damage range and things, shoot, a jailhouse Shiv can do relatively the same damage as a knife really.

    The main advantages to the other daggers is the ability to add enchanted gems to them, add other advantages based on the grade of metal they are made out of, etc... The Primative Dagger is to get you into battle with a decent enough weapon before the forges have been built.

    Re: Resistances in Talent Tree, they are playing around with different talents, trying to find the right fit. Right now, magic is limited by the extremely quick mana cost, and slow regen rates associated with it, so they probably figure the balance is there.

    Regardless, they only have so many Talent Branches, and they are trying to find the right mix of talents to make the Talent grid the best it can be, without causing a major imbalance in the game.

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    I can answer some of those.
    First of all resistances were removed from most sources. Attributes no longer provide resistances, and talents also don't do it either. That's because a new source of resistances has been added, which is jewels. You are now supposed to get your resistances from rings and from the material of your weapon/armor.

    The poison hits based on your maxHP. The higher the HP the harsher the poison effect. That said, you don't see it but the poisons applied greatly vary in degrees of power. The poison inflicted by the bandits is not the one inflicted by giant spiders. When fighting monsters like the giant spider, you are supposed to come prepared since that is their main weapon.

    For the corrosion... I guess that you have been caught in the crossfire of multiple skeleton archers, right? Yeah, that leads to a quick and painful death. Now, in pvp it was actually an issue until the last alpha (I know because I abused the hell out of corrosive arrows). In this alpha it was fixed, and those corrosive arrows now have a very high mana cost which makes it impossible to spam them.

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