Some minor feedback items + Future taming suggestions

  • Hi all,

    Just a bit of feedback from me playing around for an hour or so today. So, off the bat I will say great work so far. The development feels very good and is progressing well.

    Topic 1:
    This is more of a suggestion, but rather than have all unknown spells greyed out with their full description, perhaps have the Icon and then "Unknown - You have not yet discovered this skill". Why? Because the mystery of not knowing what a skill is, but the potential to learn that skill drives you into wanting it more. It adds value to the skill (and therefore game). Anyone that truly want's to min-max will be able to find this on a wiki easy enough.

    Topic 2:
    When running with a spear, the spear is not correctly positioned with the character model. Nothing serious, but worth pointing out as it looked a bit odd.

    Topic 3:
    This might be my lack of understanding, but it looks like in the pet/summon tree, the end passive skill is incorrectly spelt? I think this should be Warlock unless I am mistaken. I could be incorrect and this could be intentional. Please correct me if so.

    Topic 4:
    The summoner tree. Unless I am mistaken, I was of the impression that tamed animals such as wolves (when developed) will benefit from the passives within this tree. If so, I would perhaps consider changing the term "summons" to "minions / followers" etc, so that tamed animals also benefit from these bonuses and the description is a bit clearer.

    As a side note on the topic of tamed creatures. Please also consider adding a hunger system for the pets. That is a feature I have always enjoyed in previous games.

    Anyway, hope that this bit of feedback helps and as always, keep up the fantastic work.

  • Moderator

    Thank you for you feedback!

    About the hunger system for pets, right now the pets are not really implemented. Taming is just a placeholder, so I'm sure that we will a see a lot more in that area.

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