[UI] Quest text inconsistent with item name


    Version a.2.6.0d


    1. Go through the tutorial until it requires you to create "Common Clothes"
    2. When crafting, see that the item is called "Commoner Clothes"

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    That's really not a bug, just they haven't fully refined the windows yet for spelling and other inconsistencies.

    It is great to report, but remember, as an alpha, there are going to be these kind of things that will be considered very low priority and not worth fixing until they accumulate a few other more pressing things that would require a patch


    I certainly understand that! At this point I'm just reporting everything I see just in case they aren't aware of it, how they set the priority is on them 🙂

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    I get you, @appleezz

    @Prometheus As to a quest inconsistency that could have much more major ramifications, The field grain in the Northern city at least, is called Field Wheat, not Rye, even though the Quest calls for Rye (and unlike with the previously mentioned inconsistency, Wheat does also exist in this game, so it would get really confusing for those players who weren't in the test where the quest was changed to avoid exploits)


    @appleezz gets the @Kralith award for Conscientious Bug Reporting!
    While most of us look at this stuff and say "they'll get around to it eventually" the best testers report it all and let Devs sort it out ❤

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