When do we get the keys going ?


    When do we get the keys going ? Cuz i would love to play some new mmo cuz now all seems to be dead 😞

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    they're doing internal testing right now with very limited outside people testing.

    it's testing phase and will have pre-alpha keys closer to kickstarter some time this year, iirc. I'd guess KS will have a tier with pre-alpha keys, whether or not it has NDA is different and it won't be feature complete.

    expect bugs, ui, network, server, class, abilities, ai, etc problems and progression wipe whenever the dev's feel like it.

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    We assume that the pre-alpha version of the game will be given only the top 100 keys by the leaderboard. The alpha itself will be by the end of 2018.

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    @sagonator heya the kickstarter campaign will start this spring/summer. About the access in game we have to wait the fall 2018 for a pre-alpha and next year for the alpha. The only way to get the pre-alpha is to join The Foundation. They will give away more than 100 but less than 1000.


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