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    Hi all,

    it’s early I know because the game still needs a lot of time until release. None the less I am now starting to look for a guild.

    I don’t like guilds where you are just anonymous. I like it more familiar 🙂 I’m living in Germany so the main of the guild should be playing at EU times. It hasn’t to be a German guild though!

    I am 45 now and am a nice guy. Not interested in drama and such things. I want to have a nice time ingame. In all other games I’ve played I was a crafter with all my heart. Whenever it was
    Possible I started a Shop to sell my wares. I also like PvE. What I really don’t like is pvp. Sometimes nice but I don’t like to be Forced to do it.

    So what else is important to know? Atm i think I will start a Human.

    If you have any questions ask me. If you think your Guild is the Right one for me ... tell me 😉



    If you are looking for Alpha phase guild I recommend Spider Gang. They offer plot on city and access to technology.


    Check out Meridian. We have a number of posts on the forums and are pretty chill.


    Hello, I am (Technically) the leader of a guild, which currently consists of three other people, only one of which actually has the game as yet. 😕
    The name of the guild is The Beleaguered Fools, from a line in the poem Mythopoeia, written by J.R.R.Tolkien (The poem provides a sort of guide to the general 'ness' of the guild concept.)

    I intend to prioritise crafting and exploring, which so far requires PvE, and, as many people on this forum can tell you, PvP is not a big part of the plan.
    My only personal interest in PvP is in things like defending a city during a siege, or a wagon train from bandits, etc.

    My ideal, though it is having a very poor beginning, would be to have a sort of 'over-guild' structure, where there are smaller guilds as parts of a larger guild. The larger guild would exist in all three worlds, hopefully in multiple places, so that the smaller guilds would be able to find supplies and allies anywhere in the game, without losing the day-to-day intimacy of a small guild.

    P.S. I am more writing this for other people who might be interested in joining me, I am trying to get as much publicity as possible, and am having very little success 😛 but from your description of what you are looking for in a guild it seems like you would fit in with The Moonshadow Dryads https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/13280/the-moonshadow-dryads-arboreus-pve-guild-eu-na-aus?_=1619601580408, if they are still interested in new members, I think i might remember @Xzait saying something about including EU members.

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