Very high luck bugs drop rates?

  • Ok, I went specifically hunting fox tails and rabbit paws with probably over 1k (it only showed 1k) luck.
    And never got a single tail or paw.. Bug? or was I just hitting that low chance over and over again for an hour on 20 kills?


    Someone in global chat mooted a hypothesis that the rabbit paws dropped for low luck, which I thought sounded like a deliciously perverse joke on the part of the devs (but no fun for my bud @OlivePit 💔 )

    The opening scene in the classic absurdist play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Tom Stoppard) has Guildenstern flipping a coin and getting heads over and over, against every intuition of probability but actually quite possible given a 50/50 chance. I sure hope you haven't wandered into an absurdist play, Olive-bro!

  • Hmm.. logged out and back in and the next 2 rabbits had paws... just plain weird.


    @OlivePit Rabbit paws have an approximate 10% drop chance. even with 1000 luck (which is a hard cap), you will still only have about a 20% drop rate. That can very easily become 20 rabbits before you grt a single paw, or getting 5 paws in a row. I killed about 40 rabbits without getting a single paw, at 360 luck, to end up getting 6 paws in the next 10 rabbits. It's all RNGeezus

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