Blight Skill.


    I tested Blight out (the necrotic disease skill). I tried targetting a player with it and I was told that the player was an invalid target. I cast it on NPC monsters and the ones that aren't immune to it, don't have any effects from it, other than the purple debuff mist. HP doesn't go down at all. The skill literally does nothing but consume 300 mana and give a monster a sweet cosmetic purple hue.

    I just tested it again, on a different red player, and it worked. I can only assume the first red player still had young protection? Why can a red player have young protection?

  • yea. I tested it on mobs too. watched it for an hour (while I was working heh) and it never died or lost the effect, when i attacked it after the hour there was no indication that it had lost any max health at all. If it worked it might be a good ganking deterrent for mages to use on enemies... maybe?


    I can understand it not working on mobs. coz it would be highly exploitable... but why even give players the option to cast it on mobs?

  • Why give an ability that just does not work?

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