So, there was the whole thing about a starting character not being much 'weaker' than an, 'end-game' character, which, aside from equipment, and the fact that the entire character progression is learning skills by killing monsters (still waiting for those other ways of learning skills 🙂 )
    I'm not saying I have a problem with this, so long as the other ways of learning skills do actually end up in the game, and don't get left by the roadside, my main point here is attributes.

    A character determines their starting attributes, and begins playing.
    The other big point that was made about character progression was being able to 're-spec', which is fine, but, and this is my point, if you start with all your points in certain stats, that's it, even though you can get bonuses to attributes, your base values stay the same, which means you can't actually 're-spec' completely.

    I did at one point argue exactly for this sort of thing; namely a way to stop players from switching builds willy-nilly, i mean, where's the sense in a character being a full blown warrior one day and a mage the next?

    However, and my suggestion now is much the same as then, what about progressive change?

    what if you can change, but not straight away.

    My suggestion for changing 'builds' was initially along the lines of either a quest, or allowing the change at any time, but give bonuses for not changing; the longer you keep skills etc active, the better they work.

    In this case however, I propose simply a realistic character progression over time: just as a person changes from year to year; learning one thing, forgetting another, practising one skill and not another, etc. what if you could 're-spec' attribute points, but only one point per in-game month?

    this way, as you decide how you want to play, or change how you want to play, you can fine-tune your attributes over time.

    Admittedly you wouldn't be able to test out new play styles as frequently as if you could change any time, but considering that you can't change them at all currently, I think it would work.


    @Mirgannel12 This is a great idea in theory... But I feel it would be alot harder in practice. Not all attributes have the same worth. It costs 3 point in character cration to go from 6-7, 7-8, 15-16 and 16-17. It costs 4 points to go from 17-18. 8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 all cost only 2 points. A player can also start with all stats at a base of 6 if they wish. What room to swap points around would that leave them?


    @Xzait as it stands, there is NO relocation. I was suggesting that you could relocate the points that you DO have, but gradually, so as not to allow 'instant gratification', so that players COULD change their playstyle, but so that those decisions still had some meaning

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    @Mirgannel12 From the wiki it says - "The current plan is to give every account 1 free stat respec. After that, it will be possible to buy them from the store, but their use will be severely limited (e.g. if you respec a character, you have to wait 1 month to respec the same character again)" - If the do implement this then your choice to change is meaniful as it costs real money and you are stuck with the changes for a month.


    @SuperMickyJay ok, i had forgotten that.
    that is still a complete respec, and not a realistic progressive character change, but oh well. 😞

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