Horses / Staff / Party PVE


    • Horses should be able to carry more weight than the character.

    • Staff should increase spell damage instead of projectile damage. Thus they become "unnecessary" and anyone can use to do the same damage as the mage.

    • in PVE when someone takes gold the gold should go to all members of the party


    @David353 how exactly do you expect to mount a horse when you already can't walk due to how much you are carrying?

    and with gold, that's what this thing called 'sharing' is for. I prefer the current system. I can be the only one to loot gold, while everyone else gathers the reagents, due to inventory limits. At the end of the hunt, when safely back home, The gold can be divvied up to those that the party farmed it for. The majority of times I go on a hunt with fellow citizens to gather gold, it is purely to get them enough to buy them a house. I have no need for it. If everyone got gold in a party of 6, and the farming was for only 1 person, that's 5 trades, instead of just 1.


    The only issue with staffs atm is that you can't enchant them like in the last tests due to a bug. They aren't "unnecessary" if you can get more int with them 🙂

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