Critical on Spells

  • I have been testing crits on a few spells that say they can critically hit. I'm using a character with 9% critical chance.

    My auto-attack on my staff crits fine, so crit is working there. I see yellow text with a nice big number and an "!" when I get a crit.

    So far I have seen no crits at all on Firebolt. Numbers are always the same - in purple text. Have seen no "!"'s.

    Magic Missiles produces the same results. Numbers are always within the range for a normal hit - and no "!"'s. That said, I saw a post saying a crit for MM increases the number of missiles - so I need to check that.

    Frost Blast is the same. Seemingly no crits.

    What am I missing?


    @Leibniz probably nothing. I am pretty sure that in one of the previous tests, critical hits were eliminated from magic skills for 'balancing'. It is possible the skill toll-tips were just never updated to reflect.

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