Land parcel: Crafting station access issue

  • We are one owner (Midrid) and one co-owner (Selest Cayal), located at (-22 W 380 N)).


    • If I place a smelty down and build it, the owner of the plot can't access it.
    • If the owner places a smelty down the co-owner can't access it.

    Woodcutting station:

    • Owner placed and built a Woodcutting station. The Co-owner can craft on it but not access storage.

    Enchanting Table, Fleshing beam, Tanning tub, woodworking table and chests seem to work as intended.

    Note. not all crafting station has the access rights icon available to co-owner


    @Galtakie glad at least a couple of people have been testing this extensively!! ^c^


    Yeah, I was going to post the same thing. Smelty, and apparently Woodcutting station, have not any options to manage the permissions
    alt text

  • @yneternum Yes.

    After more testing I noticed that on the Woodcutting station you access the storage thru a tab on the crafting menu. This is the only crafting station that uses this UI interaction pattern. All the other storage is accessed thru the chest icon.

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