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    So from what i've heard, no one likes sitting in jail.
    Fair enough
    But, there does need to be some punishment for crimes that is actually viewed as a punishment; it has to be something that will cause people to think twice before committing a crime, and I have a few ideas.

    Firstly, and most importantly, as I understand it, it is not 'criminals' that can be sent to jail, but any evil player, yes?

    Secondly, there is no trial. there should be a trial.

    Thirdly, the punishment itself; MUST have impact, must be a deterrent, but also must not be game-breaking.
    1: A 'physical' trial; something like a dungeon that must be passed through to exit the prison and re-enter society. or perhaps instead of prison you are teleported into the heart of an area like the vale of shadows and have to fight your way out. Of course the problem with this idea is that it doesnt benefit the wronged, and doesn't really punish the wrongdoer, just gives them more things to kill and loot. Unless, any items gained in the dungeon go to the city, so that players dont use the dungeon as a treasure chest, and failure to make it out of the dungeon results in loss of something; perhaps when they are arrested their belongings are held until they make it out of the dungeon, and if they fail they dont get them back, but they go to the city or the bounty hunter.

                   2: Community service; the criminal helps those they wronged. problem; hard to make it work, perhaps they can't go too far from the person/area and need to place a certain number of resources into the city storage?

    Actually that could work; make them unable to attack other players or commit crimes until they have harvested a certain amount of resources/ gold for the city.

                   3 Divine punishment: This is my personal favourite, because, as the Gods grant boons (or at least will someday) to those they favour, they might take from those who displease them; and depending on the planet, these debuffs would be different: Bad Luck and no Knowledge Points gained on Syndesia, On Tartaros there might even be bonuses granted to criminals,and on Arboreus maybe inability to shapeshift, etc.

    This could be the entire punishment, or it could work together with the other ideas: have the criminal (once tried, convicted and sentenced) supply the city with a certain amount of resources/gold, as determined their sentence, spend the time making reparation, and until they do so, they experience this 'wrath of the gods'


    I have no idea what happened there


    The other issue was that there was no reason for good players not to be bounty hunters

    I am not entirely sure how the bounty hunter system works, but as I understand it you pay the city to become one, and when you kill an evil character they re-spawn in prison, whereupon, should the bail be paid, half goes to the city and half to the bounty hunter.

    If, per the main article, a bounty is set for crime and not alignment, then, for a start, bounty hunters will have less work, and if bounty hunters were marked in some way, they might be already, I don't know, then players would be able to tell on sight that a player was a bounty hunter and act accordingly.

    But what I think would be ideal, would be some sort of 'stigma' attached to the position; perhaps a bounty hunter can't become a citizen of a city?

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