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    I mentioned once: https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/13217/wagons-and-handcarts?_=1617588460219
    something about different tiers of wagon, but what about bigger wagons that can have multiple horses hooked up? perhaps they carry more but require two or four players with their horses to pull it?
    Or passenger wagons? wagons that have, perhaps up to four horses hooked up, go faster than with one, and the three passengers (one player drives) don't lose energy? or even regain it? for longer trading missions perhaps, i'm not sure how expensive shipping is.

    And a point that I think I have made and now am emphasising because ingots are now 'light' materials; wagons that carry 'light' items, perhaps a wagon with a chest?

    What about campsites? I mean you have campfires, fair enough, but particularly the vale of shadows and presumably other similar areas yet to be, might benefit from a temporary base sort of thing.

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    They already talked about other wagon options and decided it was a no-go, don't remember why, but that was like 2 tests ago.

    Originally, campfires actually did what fireplaces do and fully refreshed people, and it was decided by the developers that they didn't want any kind of full mobile refresh station, so I doubt they will bring in any kind of mobile outpost system.

    As for wagons carrying lighter items, like with an attached chest, that was discussed, but don't remember if we ever got a real verdict on that one.

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