Any information on an Archer build this alpha?

  • I maxed out my perception, dexterity and charisma and named myself Robin lol. Any information on what kind of gear to craft or what mobs to farm or the like would be appreciated, thanks.

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    The first thing you should do is go to the southern area of the Shadow Vale and kill a lot of Skeleton Archers.

    They give you Acid Arrows and Double shoot which are the most important archer skills.

    After that, the Goblin trappers give you the Net which is also quite useful.

    That's the core. Apart from that you can customize as you like it.


    @spoletta Theres the goblin archers a bit deeper in the shadowed vale too for more archer abilities, not sure how useful they are though.

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    They have power shot and ricochet.

    Power shot can also be obtained from the skelly archers, while ricochet is... yeah bad doesn't even start to describe it.


    acid arrows double shot and frenzy. All skeleton archer/skeleton abilities. i can hit up to 2500~3000 damage with 1 auto if it crits. On a target that doesnt have pierce resistances. I would say frenzy is optional it's pretty useless in pvp as pvp is all about heal spamming and outdamaging your enemy

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