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    (suggestion) Its pretty usefull to have an activity log on city buildings for guild management reasons.

    To prevent theft and drama. It would keep ppl playing if the governers can see who take / drop stuff in storages/stockpiles.

    My suggestion is to prioritize it since its prolly already there for devs 😉
    What are your thoughts about this??

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    I think a full log would be way too much data, especially for the Storages, since they get filled and emptied all the time. Who will watch this log at the end, you wouldn't find anything in it.

    A better Permission System would here solve some problems between trusted citizen and new (not yet trusted) citizen.

    Citizen just need to keep their eyes open and use social skills to communicate with each other, who is filling, taking, using the stuff and in which order they use per example the smelter.
    Here hits another problem, that if the citizen spot a greedy or thieving citizen, the governors can't see who it is in list, when the citizen don't has the same name. However this thoughts i placed in another suggestion about Better Management of Citizen. You are welcome to write your thoughts there too 🙂

    Ahh and @CoachFubar think about to place this Suggestion on the right Forum Section 😉


    ty for the informative reply. we have the simular thought about it. tho managing 50+ ppl with social skill will get difficult / a chore at some point. When logs got introduced in Albion Online, ppl didnt found themselves less unvulnerable when stealing stuff ;-).

    And i was looking for an suggestion channel. You are very right about the discussion channel on alpha test.

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