Can ride horses and pull handcarts at the same time


    Title. You can while pulling a handcart, summon and ride your horse. You start by pulling a handcart, and then summon your horse while pulling the handcart, when you are on your horse, the handcart and the horse clip but you will still pull the handcart and move at the speed of a horse.

    I don't know if it's better than using a horse wagon, but I'll do further testing.


    In conclusion of further testing, I've determined that the horse wagon is superior, though this is still a bug.

    Something else in relation to horses that I discovered, is that you can pick up large objects like stone bricks or logs and after right clicking to begin placing you get on your horse. This lets you carry large objects but move with the speed of a horse. After getting off the horse, the object becomes lodged in your character model, and you can place it on the ground. There's no animation of placing it down, but it appears after a few moments. If you try to place the object in a build project, it disappears. If you took the object out of a wagon or inventory and it disappears, it will reappear in the inventory you took it from. If you got it from the ground it disappears.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in va240d

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