[A2.5.x] Duplication of Wagon in combination with the Serverproblems today

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    First i thought it would not be like this, but i really duplicated my wagon today while we had the big lags while the server had a hickup.

    What happened:

    • The Server Lag started and i released my wagon, it took a while, because i had then a wagon standing around and one still on my horsed attached.
    • I tried to release this Wagon too
    • after a while the wagon was released and i clicked it again to carry
      Then i noticed, i had 2 Wagons. I could open both inventories with exact the same amount of wood in it.
      Then i just pulled one to the city center, but didn't found the other one then, so i thought it was gone.
      But after server restart @Shivashanti came with a wagon, wondering, why he could not change permissions, till he realized it wasn't his but mine. The Wagon had the wood in it as i left it in the wild.

    So my wagon was duplicated with all content and permissions.
    Just because of releasing, pulling while a big lag.


    @Kralith great bug! I like this bug!

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