Spring 2021 Alpha Bug Log



    • Attempting to add another player to my party brings up the social window again instead of actually sending them an invite.
    • When building a house, the character animation loops in such a way that the hand not holding the hammer does not stay raised.
      • Also, the character's feet slide around while they swing the hammer, I think an anchor is pivoting that shouldn't be.
      • The sound effect for building the wooden parts of the house sounds more like hitting rubber (like a basketball bouncing) than wood.
        • Actually, the sound effect for building stone parts sounds more like building wood - maybe the references got switched somehow?
    • When chopping down trees, logs occasionally fall in such a way (somehow balanced on their ends, landing more vertical than horizontal) that they can't be interacted with to pick them up.
    • The blueprints menu retains the tab you last had open, but still shows the contents of the crafting stations tab.
    • On roadside plots, you can't build a fence on the edge/s bordering the road (they're considered "on" the road, and therefore blueprints can't be placed there).
    • The details in the citizen list in town hall don't quite line up with the lines in the background.
    • Unable to craft food into sacks (which would go directly to the packaging station storage) with a full character inventory.
    • When crafting a large enough quantity at once (ingredient numbers at 1000+), the ingredient numbers (and / in the middle) get cut off.
    • There's no sound effect for chopping down trees/mining rocks.
    • Grass grows through the floors of buildings.
    • I saw in the most recent patch log that all citizens should be able to place packaging stations, however I can't find it in the blueprint menu.
    • When a city doesn't have enough active members, it still shows as a resource debt in the upkeep window.
    • In the blacksmith building, you can walk in through the wall over the ore storage bin.
    • When crafting, the chance of crafting an "Excellent" quality item is listed instead as "Exceptional".
    • This only happened once, but I was moving a lot of wheat from one chest to another, and the invenroey tooltip for wheat just... decided to stay on screen. It moves around if I try to mouse over it.
    • Guild name does not show when you recieve an invite (shows as " []").
    • City crafting bonuses from a higher rank still persist even after the rank drops.

    (still need re-checked)

    • Another weird thing with craft percentages - sometimes when going to craft a necklace it says "Items not created by a crafting station are always of Poor quality", and others it gives 10%/90% for Poor/Fine (although any time I've crafted with the latter showing, I've still obtained a Poor quality result).
    • It seems like when the PvE shield wears off after you get KO'd by a monster, whatever killed you will somehow continue to track you again.
      • Not sure if this is intentional, but getting on your horse ends said shield early.


    • Standard 1-0 hotbar (or at least the same number of slots).
    • A "campsite" blueprint, where you can rest and restore death debuff health without having to return to civilisation.
      • Could require double the ingredients as a campfire, some cloth and a couple of logs.
      • It could also have the ability to re-light the campfire when it goes out.
    • The ability to select a target without having to continuously hover over them (the current system makes it hard to pick/maintain a target in a crowd).
    • The ability to check your cart's inventory while mounted (not to remove things, just see what you have).
    • Right-click to move fully cured leather from the tanning tub - or smelted bars from the smelter - to your inventory.
    • The ability to tame a wolf and keep it in your house as a pet (no combat functionality, just cute <3).
    • Signs, or some way to label storage areas (e.g. this food storage is for wheat, this one is for beans, etc.).
    • Have storage buildings marked on the map.

  • Wiki Editor

    @kokokat06 said in Spring 2021 Alpha Bug Log:

    The forum is still flagging my post update attempts as spam when I do multiple in fairly quick succession, which makes it kinda hard to save note-progress

    The Forum-Spamfilter is sometimes a bit petty.
    I am writing my lists mostly in a texteditor and posting it later.
    Maybe even better to make own bug report for each problem or adding it to already made bugreports, to give them a better hearing.
    But a list is also okay, if you use it as your own notepad, but as said, the better way would be to use an texteditor and post it on forum just for an hourly/daily update on your list.

  • Wiki Editor

    @kokokat06 said in Spring 2021 Alpha Bug Log:

    My female character becomes male when I enter the game, and is also listed as such in the character window (despite displaying correctly on the character selection screen).
    Equipped clothes don't show up on the in-game character model, but they do appear on the relevant character on the character selection screen.

    Equipped weapons show up correctly in-game (or at least my mage staff did, haven't been able to try any others yet).

    This both are related to each other.
    This is already known by devs, that there is a visible bug for characters.
    Mostly if you see yourself naked, the other will not. Or if you see another naked, the owner sees hisself normal.
    I think we will get soon a fix for that.

    UPDATE: On further investigation, the buildings and most of their contents just despawned for some reason (I can walk through where they should be, so the collision isn't even there) - since the only things remaining in town were the trophy decor (wall mounted heads and pelt rugs) and the lamp-posts, I think maybe anything functional (i.e. could be interacted with by players) that was in the town got despawned.
    I didn't see anything about this in chat, so I'm pretty sure it was just my game-instance that was affected.

    When I logged out and tried to log back in again (to see if it fixed the town), it went to the "connecting to server" loading screen, loaded for a moment, and then put me back on the character selection screen.

    Exiting and reopening the game did not fix this.

    This always happens, if you have direct connection issues to the server.
    Either your connection has client wise a problem or you hitted the Server-Problem time yesterday, when we all had connection problems.
    This "not seen anything anymore" or "cant interact at all" is always a good indicator, that you aren't connected to the server anymore. Your client sometimes need a longer time to kick you out of the game.

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