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    This goes out to the Devs, while i do enjoy trying out new games in early stages just like anyone else and experiencing as much fun as I can doing it, I ask YOU the Devs, is there a specific function or area in the game that you would like us as player to help weed out potential issues? Also, I would assume the basic standards of feedback and bug report posting spots would be in play to post at, but is there anything else we could do to help further the progress, such as videos of said bugs or things of that nature. P.S. I like helping LUL

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    @DanThaManTV Just the new content mainly, so for the winter alpha that's the new city system, city sieges, etc. Testing old content is fine too just to ensure no new bugs have appeared there. 😉


    And we can report the one where the logs get stuck.... again ?

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