Is it possible to play the game right now?

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    Is it possible to play the game right now?

    In case I buy the Master founder pack would that allow me to get access right now?Thanks very much and sorry but I didn't totally understand that since in the website says:
    "No testing phase is running at the moment. The next one, the Winter Alpha 2021, is set to start in February.
    Check out the dedicated FAQ for more info on the Fractured testing schedule."

    Thanks very much

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    No, you can only play the game when the Testing phases are going, either a full phase, like the Winter Alpha coming soon, or a Stress Test or Targeted Test, like the 3-5 day tests that often follow shortly after a main phase. In between those times, there is no active server to log into whatsoever. This is true, no matter what level of backing you are.

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