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  • About Us
    Legends of our Time is a recent guild that was born after a re-structure of Legion of Akir. Maintaining the core values of Legion of Akir, LooT is invested in growing in Syndesia and making smart Alliances.

    Our Focus: PvE with a pinch of PvP.

    What we offer:
    We have people mostly aged 25+ with full-time jobs and families depending on them, so IRL time is really respected at LooT. We believe that there is strength in unity, so we are always available to help each other out. Most of all we try to always create a cool environment because having fun gaming is the most important.

    What we search for:
    We are looking for players who are a bit older or are mature minded enough. We are mostly PvErs but welcome PvPers with open arms as they can keep us safe from enemies and spice up our gaming 😉

    So, if you are looking for a friendly group to play with, to help you out, and that respects your IRL time, then look no further. Apply in our Guild Page https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/4735/.

    We are waiting for you!


    Cool, applying


    😮 So Legion of Akir WAS disbanded (in effect)!!! no wonder I couldn't find you guys anymore!!. Can you please message me privately. I would like to resume our alliance if possible @Dreamcraftwd ^c^

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