Swapping worlds for PVP?


    Can someone explain to me how swapping worlds works? Can you do it at any time? Being a Human and going into the demon realm to pvp, does this make you a bad human also will I suffer in the human world if I pvp as a human? When you become an angle does it change the way you look, because if not that would be an awesome thing to add. Make the Angels super beautiful and bright to stand out.


    You don't really swap worlds per se, you travel to other worlds temporarily. While there, depending on your race and the planet, you will have various effects and a time limit on how long you are able to stay on the other world.

    If you're a human and you engage in PvP on the human world, you will gain/lose karma depending on if you're killing good aligned players or evil.

    I believe they stated that angels/liches/abominations do go back to the character creation screen once they transform, so you can edit your new appearance. So yes, it does change the way you look.


    Travelling between worlds costs a lots of resources to open up a portal. This is meant to be more of a group effort, then a feature that solo players will simply use at any time they like.

    Travelling to another planet filled with your enemies will not be so safe, so it will be a good idea to gather up a group of friends, pull up your resources to open up a portal (its cheaper for you that way), and then go together, and protect each other.

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