[FRAC-2435] Stone Stockpiles Won't Accept More if One Side is Full


    Steps to replicate:

    • Fill one side of the stone stockpile completely
    • Try to add stone to the empty side, get "the storage is full" message
    • Remove one stone from full side
    • Empty side now accepts stones normally

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    This would be a coding issue more than a 'Bug'

    The Stockpile, although allowing 2 or more different types of things to stockpile, probably uses a single 'Flag' in the database to indicate that one or both sides is full. Once that flag is tripped, no more of anything can be accepted. It is part lazy coding, and part expedient coding during an Alphatesting. Certainly something I'm sure they plan to fix when the game goes into Beta at least.



    "This would be a coding issue more than a 'Bug'"

    (scratches head)...(light bulb goes off).... FEATURE!!!!


    @GamerSeuss To me, "coding issue" is the definition of "bug", but if there's a "coding issue" forum that this should be in instead of bug reports, I'll happily use that instead. 😉

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    @Trug You can look at a Coding issue as a bug, but often times its more of a shortcut used during earlier testing phases of a game for expediency sake. It's intentional and allowed for by the developers in order to make the feature associated with it available for testing sooner without overuse of resources. Each of these types of shortcuts can literally shave months off of wait time to test a new feature in the Alpha stage of the game.

    A Bug is, on the other hand, an unintentional piece of code or code interaction, often causing a feature to not work at all, or to conflict with other features in the game. Bugs can sometimes develop because of coding shortcuts, but then that's why we try to get in as many features for testing at the same time as possible, so we can see how the interactions between features might cause coding errors (bugs) and then determine how to address them...and yes, sometimes it's a simple matter of not using a shortcut that will indeed fix a bug or series of bugs, while other times you have to develop a work around for one or more features in order to eliminate the bad coding reactions in game.


    WAD... lol

    Seriously though, anything that isn't working to the expectations of the user can be considered a bug/defect. Sometimes it is just semantics differences between how people are using a word. To me, issue, bug, and defect all mean the same thing. Bug is typically seen in a harsher light than defect. But they essentially mean the same thing, something isn't working as expected.

    The original poster is correct and I ran into this issue without realizing it. Good find @Trug and great repro steps! It really clears up what I was seeing and didn't realize the work around.

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