• TF#10 - CONSUL

    Are harbours usable yet? How exactly do they/will they work?


    I saw one up north in a claimed city, but it said that the harbor was ruined or something to that effect. Was curious to know what would have happened if the group running the town had repaired it, myself.



    Harbours allow fast travel between other coastal cities with harbours. A harbour is only usable between other claimed cities with harbours. The city whos harbour you leave from gets part of the transportation cost. The further the city and the more weight you carry, the higher the transportation cost.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Is the travel instantaneous? are ships controllable like the wagons? or is it a scripted passage? do you have to stop? are there storms? currents? pirates? winds? can you travel directly from a harbour on one side of the continent to the other side, or do you need to stop at the ports on the way?
    If anyone has played mount and blade viking conquest, in that game it is often most economical to buy materials in a particular port, and travel to the port most suited for selling at a profit, but also to buy and sell lesser amounts for less of a profit at ports on the way, this results in a 'scheduled' journey where certain stops are made and others bypassed. If merchants do something similar in fractured, which seems likely, might passengers seek transport even if the ship would not be going directly to their desired port? Skyrim allows a player to travel directly to a location, which seems uneconomical; simply taking a single passenger directly to a single location, so it would be nice to have passenger ships that would need to wait for enough passengers, and would make stops along the way, or merchant ships that trade as they go, rather than the usual instant and direct travel


    its like an harbour from euro truck sim. just click on target harbour and pay the fee now you are there

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