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    I have tried a few different mage builds this test (am on my 10th character now, mostly stat juggling) and this is going to be what I ended up with after a few fights against other mages, archers, meele dps and tanks. The build is going to focus on the current Patch and "meta", meaning I won't talk about specialized gear or enchantments. So when I am talking about e.g. the highest achieveable Acid Resistance, then that is without specialized gear and without enchantments.

    You can use this build in PvE and with a few alterations (mostly choosing different skills) it can solo Easy and Medium Legends.



    Since this build uses the skill "Mage Armor" it does not matter what armor you choose, you can wear any Light Armor you want, or even run around naked.


    I generally recommend using the "Mage Staff".


    Auto attacks with the Mage, Fire, Frost and Shock Staff count as spells and do their respective Element as damage. This also means that you don't need any accuracy, because spells can't be evaded.

    Magic Resistance is only obtainable with INT or the "Mage Armor" spell, so most likely only mages will have a decent amount. Even if the enemy has magic resistance, the "Power Caster" talent is going to ignore 40% of the targets magic resistance.

    Fire, Ice and Shock resistance are obtained with CON, which most players will have a decent amount of, if they actually want to have a bit of surviveability in PvP.

    I have seen many mages running around only using their spells, but don't forget that your auto attacks also do decent damage 😉


    I am using the links to the pictures from @maze 's Spell List. Thank you very much for making that. 🙂


    For damage 3 skills of different elements are used, as this will help fight more specialized characters.

    Magic Missiles

    link text

    "Magic Missiles" is with "Ice Spikes" one of the 2 basic skills for mages. It offers good consistent damage, which can't be dodged from by running around and it does Magic Damage, where, thanks to the "Power Caster" talent, 40% of the enemies Resistance is ignored.

    Ice Spikes

    link text

    This is the "Oh shit what was that dmg" skill that everyone is surprised by if they don't know about it. Used close up this is your highest damage spell that will melt any enemy alike. Mostly used against meele players, since they want to be in your face anyways, but can also destroy any archer or mage if you choose to do so.

    Acid Sphere

    link text

    The highest Acid Resistance one can currently achieve is 18% with 20 DEX. This is by far the lowest resistance, and thus any skill using acid is a bit broken. They also add Corrosion stacks which is a decent DoT. Depending on the other skills you choose, you can go for "Acid Shell", but I like "Acid Sphere" more, because it is a more consistent form of damage and is not as punishing if missed.


    This is the name of the school the two healing spells are from. As mage you want to make sure that you abuse the INT and mana regeneration you have as much as possible. Healing from damage taken by meele dps who got to close or healing the consistent damage of archers or other mages is thus possible. If you face meele dps with not enough cc / damage you can just stand still and heal. Tanks have no chance.

    Minor Healing

    link text

    Probably the most broken spell in the game. With the 20 INT you have this is a 280 Heal every 2 seconds. This is the basic heal spell that can be spammed during the entirety of the fight.

    Healing Wave

    link text

    When "Minor Healing" is not enough e.g. when you got cc'd and take some dmg, "Healing Wave" is a additional heal that makes sure you can stay alive for longer.


    Mage Armor

    link text

    While removing this skill and wearing Leather Armor is a viable option, the Magic Resistance it gives is the main reason to use this skill. It also offers more Armor than a full set of Leather Armor, which is a nice bonus.

    Interchangeable Skills

    Two skills are left, which are going to be used for movement and cc. There are several good options here and depending on what you choose here, if you have enough Memory Points left, you can, if you want to, exchange "Acid Sphere" with "Acid Shell".


    link text

    Who does not like a teleport in their hotbar? It even let's you traverse unpassable terrain, like the cliffs that are all over the map. It does have a pretty long cooldown, so if you get caught by a meele and are forced to use it to get some distance between you, you probably won't be able to use it a second time. It does also have offensive value for chasing down other players or getting closer for a quick "Ice Spikes" nuke.

    Word of Power: Stun

    link text

    Probably the most reliable cc in the arsenal of a mage. It can help you kite, or assure your skills to hit. Most likely only other mages won't let themselves be caught easily 😉

    Other Options

    If you feel no need for cc you can also choose additional damage or defense spells here.

    • Entangling Web
    • Absorb
    • Acid Shell
    • Word of Power: Silence
    • Word of Power: Heal
    • Word of Power: Kill
    • Tectonic Outburst
    • etc...

    Attribute Points

    The goal for the Attribute Points, and later also the talents, is mostly to provide you with the defensive stats you need to be able to survive in the harsh environment of Myr.

    STR 14 (with talents 16)

    STR does provide Armor and Health, which are very important to be able to survive high damage meele encounters.

    DEX 15 (with talents 17)

    Not only is DEX the only way to get Acid Resistance, it also increases Movement Speed and gives (what most meeles will hate you for) a decent amount of Evasion.

    PER 6

    The only stat not being used. Since spells can't be evaded mages have no need for accuracy. While some spells have the ability to crit, making sure to have the defensive abilities to survive is more important.

    INT 18 (with talents 20)

    Additional to your offensive power, INT also increases Magic Resistance (and Willpower 🙂 ). While making sure to have enough defensive capabilities is important, damage should still be your forte.

    CHA 11

    This is only to make sure you have a chance to save throw players who use the Word of Power series with low CHA (high dps meele can otherwise make good use of this), while also making sure your stun works on them. This is very important, because, while Evasion might seem a bit broken, when you get stunned, you can't evade, which can lead to a meele being able to stunlock and kill you.

    CON 15 (with talents 17)

    Like STR, used only for the defensive stats it provides (Health and Fire, Frost and Shock Resistance).



    Enough Mana regen to keep spamming all skills, while also choosing the most important talents for surviveability.


    Thanks mucho for this @Eurav! I'd started with a build for an unarmed fighter but that seems to be buggy rn so going to start again. This really helps. Tagging @maze bc he has been having the same problem.

    Cheers! 👑 🍻

  • Your first follower here... Build works great.


    @Eurav good post, i wonder if that the only possible build with miner changes. its seems that there is too many resistance?


    Well, this build is meant to do good in 1v1 PvP against any opponent, which is why there are so many resistences.
    It also helps to get startet with mage for PvE, since you won't die as easily ^^

    If you want to maximize damage, you would need to spec into PER, for which, you would have to drop a lot of defensive stats. It just does not work for the PvP in this test. Even I have one shot other people (not only mages) with a stun and the three damage spells. You just want to make sure that you are not that person ^^

    Everything also changes when you take other gear and enchantments into account. Deficits that you build with your Attribute Points can be worked around with those. If you don't care about Evasion e.g., you could drop DEX and free up those points in the talents. The acid resistance can then be easiy worked around by using Leather Armor pieces made from Forest Troll Leather, or simply using Acid Resistance enchantments.

    For PvE, after playing a while, you will probably know what you are going to fight against, and what you need, so you can just select the perfect gear and talents for that, and don't have to worry about it in the character creation. E.g. if you are going to solo the Treant Legend, you want to make sure you have at least a Fire Staff, the Fire Totem and enough health and armor to survive in case he get's to hit you.

    And then, group play (PvP or PvE) mostly leads to more specialized character builds anyways. Already in a 2v2 or 3v3 the defensive stats this build offers start to become "useless". If 2 or 3 people get to focus you, when they have enough cc, they will probably destroy you anyways (if they don't have enough cc you can also win 1v2s easily 🙂 ). And for group PvE you won't have to worry about most of the defensive aspects anymore and can focus on more dps.


    @Eurav worthy opponent, cheers from bombibom 👏

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